Putting Evolve Stage 2 in the dome

“A free to play game done right”



Evolve stage 2 is the free to play relaunched version of the game Evolve developed byJXa9--Eg_400x400 Turtle Rock studios and published by 2K studios. The game used to be paid to play but the communtiy died pretty quick hence forcing the developers to relaunch the game as free to play.

The game comes with the same mechanics as of the earlier paid to play evolve where 4 hunters uniquely created for each class ie. trapper, assault, support and medic, hunt down a single monster.

The game is a well balanced shooter as their is no pay to win system implemented in the game. Everything in the game should be bought by the in game currency called silver keys.
These silver keys can be earned by playing the game, irrespective if u win or loose a match and Cm8RuCwUMAA9zg4by logging in daily. Using these silver keys one can purchase a wide array of characters- monster or hunter alike, and also can purchase in game skins which vary from gun to character skin whcih has no effect on the character in any except in appearance.

Not all characters are unlocked in the begining of the game but can be played by purchasing them using silver keys or through the weekly cycle of each character which can be understood by the red symbol floating on the respective character icon.

The game also has a three tier perk system which is divided into miEvolve 2 Electro Griffin Squarenor, major and superior. As the name suggests they will affect your character in respective ways.

The game is still getting polished as there is a steady line of patches being applied and developed by the developers. They are also busy creating new characters such as the latest Electro Griffin.

Players who bought Evolve earlier will get the founders package which include 4 badges for you in game profile and a variety of in game characters, perks and skins and plus a decent amount of  silver keys as a starting bonus.

The positives of the game is that its fun to play, easy on beginners and challenging to professionals, no pay to win system and a well balanced character array especially for the hunters.

The negative side to the game is that ocasionally frame stutering leading to a gamechanging outcome, not enough story to support the reason why a character is like what he or she is and some monsters like the wraith are simply op.

But overall it is a good game to play and enjoy hence making me give it a 6/10 score. There is still lot of work to be done by the developers to make it an awesome game but as we all know it still under beta so further improvements can be expected.





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