Assassin’s creed games from best to worst in top 10 fashion

The Assassin’s creed series of games has been applauded for their story line, gameplay and everything in general from time to time. Whether it be Italy or the West Indies assassin’s creed has done it. But some of them are better than the rest. So today I decided to rank the top 10 assasins creed games from 1- the best of the best to 10 the worst of the bunch:

1. Assassin’s creed 2.


Ac (assassin’s creed) 2 is the savior of the series from a lack luster Ac1. This game polished the same game mechanics which we even use today in the ac franchise. The game’s in depth story allows the player to have personal bond with Ezio (the protagonist) as he/she plays as Ezio who is transitioning from teenhood to adulthood. The game also delivers its one of a kind multiplayer mode which is a more fancy version of the generic cat and mouse styled game mechanic which we love playing. Overall this is a masterpiece of a game. Hence making it number one on my list.

2. Assassin’s creed 4: Blackflag.


Ac 4 : Blackflag is another masterpiece of a game as it not only polishes the ultra smooth free running system whch was implemented in Ac3 but also makes the naval combat system in Ac3 less clunky and more free. The world is vast and full of color and also the game delivers a more improved version of the cat and mouse multiplayer where one can tell ones own story. The game also has no tutorial levels hence treating you as a adult. It also takes another angle at the templar and assasin conflict as you play as Edward Kenway who is just interested in money. Every playthrough is different from each time you play as you create your own adventures as you play. Hence making it second on my list.

3.Assassin’s creed: Brotherhood.


Ac brotherhood is the second installation of the Ezio series. This game just like its predecessor delivers huge on the story as it picks up right where Ac 2 ended. The game doesnt bring anything new to the table in mechanics except the assasin recruit system. The free running is the same from its predecssor but maybe a tad bit smoother compared to Ac2. It deserves to be on the third place in my list as the game gives you tons of things to do which for the first time affects your surrondings as everything you do rebuilts Rome unlike in Ac2 where these effects can only be seen in Monteriggioni. Hence allowing it to finish strong in 3rd place on my list.

4.Assassin’s creed 1


Ac 1 is where it all started. Even though the world was kind of lack luster in its color and a reptition of mission led to early boredom in the game its still is the father of all Ac games. It introduced the first of its kind free running mechanic which no other game gave. It was the begining of something new and solid which made it stand out in a market dominated by fps and alike. Being first of its kind, which made it less perfect than its successors but it was a start of something new and adventurous by Ubisoft. Hence making me give the rightful place of 4th to the begining of a great franchise.

5.Assassin’s creed revelations


Ac revelations is the last and final installation to the Ezio series. It takes the player on the final years of Ezio as he goes in search of the Masyaf keys. It brings a new mechanic which is sort of cumbersome but interesting to the table, and that is the bomb creation mechanic which allows the player to create different types of bombs for different situations. Sadly but fortunately also the successors to the Ac series didn’t capitalize on this mechanic. It still carries on the same mechanics of brotherhood which is the assasin recruit system, but also adds ziplines and hook blades for easier free running hence making it a unique experience for all Ac players. Which makes me give it the rightful place of rank number 5 on this list.

6. Assassin’s creed 3. 


Ac 3 was the ubisoft spin off on the American revolution. The game is a great game hands down but it became 6 th for two reasons. 1st is the 10 hour passive tutorial level in the game where the game passively curbs everything you do just because to make the player adapt to the new controls. That is understandable. But why in the name of God did they create such a clunky and slow naval combat mechanic. Irrespective of the negatives one should look at the positives and that is the free running mechanic is much much smoother than its predessors and for bringing in the for the first time ever a naval combat mechanic. Hands down the naval combat mechanics wasnt the best but it was first of its kind. Hence allowing games like blackflag to have smoother and polished version of it. And in turn allowing to me give it the rightful rank of number 6.

7. Assassin’s creed: Syndicate.


This Ac game is the refined version of Ac unity with its huge crowds and diverse locale. Ac syndicate stands number 7 for two main reasons and that is no multiplayer and a lousy ending to the main story. The reason for no multiplayer is understandable after the fiasco with untiy but why did they have to have such a lousy ending to the game. Looking past these two main negatives,  one can see a fairly polished game on the industrial ambitious london with two main protagonist. They also introduce the new gameplay mechanic of the rope launcher which make scaling up any building a walk in the park. The new gameplay mechanic also allows one to create ziplines to one building to another which kind of brings memories of Ac revelations. The game also brings in the fantastic customisation options from untiy which allows you to have a more personal touch on the appearance as well as gameplay of the two main characters. Hence making it the number 7 of my list.

8.Assassin’s creed: Rogue


Ac rogue is a moderate game with the same mechanics of blackflag and the introduction of a new type of gun, ie the air gun. The game sadly falls short of the excellecnt multiplayer of blackflag and the fun story line. The game does have one clear positve and that is the free run system has been refined a bit more than blackflag but is not a game changer. Hence making me give rogue rank number 8.

9. Assassin’s creed unity.

524827 (1)

Ac unity, the most over ambitious game in the Ac series which unfortunatley became a flop. This game has tons of positives such as the huge crowds, multi approachable missions, detailed character customization, co-op multiplayer and a new free running system for the very first time. But with all these positves comes the most glitchy and buggy Ac game ever. This is a classic example of Ubisoft trying to be over ambitous and flopping face first. Even the voices of the characeter are wrong. Hence making me give unity a low 9th ranking in the list.

  10. Assassin’s creed 3: Liberation and Assassin’s creed 3:        Liberation hd 


Ac Liberations, the only ac game I ever played which delivered very little for what all the expectations was all about. But the game does have two positives a new game mechanic called the persona system has been introduced which fortunately the successor Ac games didnt capitalize on and the cameo of Connor from Ac3. Thats all the positves of this game. In the begining the game was only a ps vita game, hence it was understandable for no serious multiplayer (unless you look at the facebook styled multiplayer game as a multiplayer game which the Ac series should have), less side quests and the repititions of missions. But why do they have the same thing for the ps3 and xbox 360 hd versions too. Hence making it a disapointing finish as rank number 10 of my list.


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