Putting Split Second in the race track

“Deathrace with a more family friendly approach to it”


Split Second or Split Second: Velocity is a game developed by Black Rock Studio and is published by Disney Interactive. The game is an arcade style racer which focuses on three in game core mechanics blackrock-studiowhich one needs to comphrehend to race effectively and effeciently in the game. The game was released in the May of 2010 and also had a sequel in place but was soon put out of development as Disney Interactive Studios significantly reduced the workforce of Black Rock Studios.

The game revolves around a fictional reality tv show aired by BRTV where racers race for credits and glory. The game has three major in game mechanics which makes each race as a challenge to the gamer which are precise driving, powerplay meter and a credit system. Each race is unique as each race is different from each one. Hence making the gamer switch vehicles and not only to stick to one single vehicle for the whole game.

split-second2_1646348cThere is no boost or nitro system in the game and is replaced by a equally gamechanging powerplay meter which consist of three stages. The first stage allows the racer to pull out well timed explosions which doesnt change the track in a major way but can turn the tables in a huge way to favor you or to put on a disadvantage as sometimes you can be a victim of your own means of destruction. Stage 2 alows you to do two stage 1 powerplays in different inntervals. But the crazy track changing events happen in stage 3. A stage 3 powerplay changes the whole track to new and more dangerous version of basic track. This can vary from by disintegrating the track you are driving on with careful explosive or even a by crashing a jumbo jet on the track.

But it all comes down to the timing of each powerplay so that it can be effective and efficient to wreck your opponents. The stages of the powerplay meter is earned by precise use of driving mechanics like drifting, jumps and drafting. Each race also awards the drivesplit_second_velocity_6r an amout of credit for top finishes. Using these credits one unlocks cars, extra events and elite races. Elite races is the race where you race against the best of the best of all seasons and is really hard to get a podium finish in each elite race.

The graphics of the game is outstanding especially for such a fast paced arcade styled racing game. The sound effects are really good too btu sometimes sounds a bit canned. The game also comes with online multiplayer and also allows coop mode for playing with freinds on the same system, this feauture is also available on the Pc version.

The only negative side of the game is that weirdly you cant cant change the options of your game while racing, hence making me quit the race just to change the main music volume.

Otherwise this game is totally worth playig if you want a break from the mediocre Need for speed franchise or any other racing game which is boring to you. In the end this game deserves and has earned a total marking of 9.5 out 10.




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