Best ways to be the best at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the most immersive and massive games to rock nordic mythology with incredible graphics and sound created by Bethesda Game studios. And for players who are new to the world of Tamriel (such as me) things might be a bit overwhelming as you will be bombarded with choices which might or might not change the way the game plays.  to remove this fear, here are top 10 ways to be the best in the massive world of Skyrim:

1) All races are malleable to your play style.


In the beginning of your adventure you will be made to choose your race of your character. At first you will be overwhelmed and a bit scared to choose a race as the question will always arise for new players and that is, ‘will my play style be adaptable to any race?’ The answer is yes, irrespective of your prefered choice of race all of them can be attuned to your play style. An orc can be stealthy whereas a Khajit can be a barbarian and so goes for all the other races. Some races do have better base stats than the others but that doesn’t change the game drastically.

2) Loot mercilessly.


Looting is the major mechanic in this game and if one has to survive then you have to loot everything in your way. Drawers to chests, dead bodies to cupboards, everything must be looted. But one must loot wisely. Loot in a way which actually puts you at an advantage over your foes and not to haul yourself slowly out of a cave just to make a fortune at a shop which is impossible as every merchant has a limited amount of gold which recharges over 42 hours and only some merchants exchange gold for stolen goods unless your speech level is very high.

3)Explore everywhere.y6P1I

Skyrim is a world meant to be explored irrespective of what level you are. There are going to be times when you face OP enemies where you will die with a single blow but it’s still worth the grind of using the sneak mechanic to do thrice the damage to beat the boss as the loot in the enemy will always be better than anything you can find in the shop. Every bit of the landscape in Skyrim is worth exploring as every bit of it is a joy to explore and also very rewarding.

4) Save on a regular basis.


To be one of the best players in Skyrim one has to save the game regularly. The game does have an autosave feature but it doesn’t save on a constant basis and will only save when a game changing event has happened, a main story quest has been started or when you just entered a new location. It doesn’t save when you have beaten an op boss or anything like that and hence its a real pain in the ass when you lose around 2 hours of hard work with one untimely death, hence increasing the importance of this tip to epic levels.

5) Don’t change the difficulty.


This is more of a personal choice but I would like to say that there is no need to change the game difficulty as the majority of the monster and creatures level up with the progress of your character. There are some exceptions such as some dungeons will always be scaled to a level of a more basic character than to a more experienced character but once cleared the dungeon will be re-populized with more leveled monsters. But there are exceptions in the world of Skyrim in a where some monster are too easy later on in the game but were hard in the beginning. The best example are giants, they are really very hard in the early stages of the game but later on as the game progresses they become easier to beat up. This mechanic of Skyrim makes the game more immersive and interesting.

6) Travel with a follower (especially in the early levels).


It’s true that followers are truly a burden and they blow your cover in stealthy takeover of a certain area with many op monsters. But they come with a unique capability to carry almost any amount of items for any amount of time (on the condition you make them pick up the item), hence making them a portable chest. They also make a good punching bag for monsters to hit on while you carefully and stealthily observe the monsters attacks, so allowing you to attack more efficiently and effectively.

7) Dont buy anything from various shops except apothecary supplies (that is if your are too lazy to collect them).


Most of the time in Skyrim the shops sell absolutely useless stuff compared to the things you can find in the world of Skyrim. This includes spellbooks and arrows. Even health potions can be found in abundance in the surrounding world. Apothecary supplies are hard to come by as one really must be sharp in watching the surrounding environment to find some and lets just say I was too lazy to do that.

8) Collect all the Deadric artifacts.


I know it’s unnecessary to say this but I only knew what a Deadric artifact was after sacrificing the Skull of Corruption in exchange to have Elandur as a companion (big mistake). Hence it is necessary that one should never sacrifice deadric artifacts whether it is a staff or even a book as they are really powerful and rare to get. Not to mention that if you collect all the deadric weapons you get an achievement.

9) Join a guild and be its master.


Guilds are the various factions in Skyrim and joining any of the guilds are massively rewarding as they give unique armor and items for the player. You can also become their leader as all the time something bad happens to the past ones. Most of the time a guild is in bad shape when you join one but with the player doing quests for a guild, the guild will return back to its glory days. Some guilds will also allow you to get into their inner circle which allows you to acquire new abilities or a unique armor which is only available to the inner circle.

10) Dont feel ashamed to refer the wiki.


Never feel ashamed to check up the wiki. I know that we all are gamers and feel shameful when one of us check the wiki for guidance. But in the case of Skyrim one should not at all feel ashamed to check the wiki as one is jumping into a world rather than a game and no amount of experience will actually make you the best of the best in Skyrim.





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